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Welcome to the basement

September 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Welcome to the new blog. In here you will find the ramblings, rants, and even ravings of a self-professed geek/skeptic/historian.
Some of these writings might piss you off. Some might make you laugh. Some might make you think. Some might make you question whether or not this blog is written by several caged monkeys in between bouts of poo flinging. I assure you it’s not.

I’m a gorilla.

I will try to update this blog 3 times a week with Fridays usually being a collection of interesting links that I’ve found over the week.
All that being said, read on MacDuff!*

*Yes, I do know it’s “Lay on MacDuff,” and not the often misquoted “Lead on MacDuff,” but I like puns. Really, really bad puns.

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