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Review of Werewolf of London

(1935) Stuart Walker Director
Starring Henry Hull, Warner Oland, and Valerie Hobson

While on a botanical expedition to Tibet, Dr. Wilfred Glendon is attacked by a strange animal. Returning to London he discovers that he is now afflicted with Lycanthrophobia. The only cure is the blossoms of the rare orchid he brought back with him. Can he make the flower bloom before the curse causes him to kill his wife?

The film has fairly decent acting and storytelling for its time. Hull is capable as the distracted and cursed Dr. Glendon. Warner Oland who was making a living playing Charlie Chan, serves well as Dr. Yugami. One nitpick about the film is that the characters are not afflicted with lycanthropy but rather lycanthrophobia. The writers should have realized that lycanthrophobia is fear of wolves.

This movie holds an interesting place in the history of movie monsters. For starters it is a Universal film but it’s werewolf is not part of the Universal Monsters pantheon. However, the makeup for this movie does hold a connection to Universal’s Wolf Man. Jack P. Pierce created the Wolf Man make up for actor Henry Hull. After doing screen tests Hull complained that the application process was too time consuming and Pierce redesigned the look of the creature. When asked to do the make up for The Wolf Man, Pierce used the appliances he had created for this film to turn Lon Chaney Jr. into the monster.

If you are a fan of older horror movies then this film is a good movie to curl up with on a dark and stormy night.

Werewolf of London is available on netflix and in pieces at YouTube

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