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Weekend links for 9-10-2011

Music to listen to for you.

First up we have Josie Charlwood who may not be everyone’s cup of tea but she is incredibly talented. Her voice reminds me of somebody but I don’t know who.
Next up is actor/musician/funny as hell man Hugh Laurie. Yes Dr. House/Bertie Wooster/The Prince Regent can play and sing.
Finally, not music but in honor of what would have been his birthday on 9-4 we have Brian May’s essay on his first meeting Freddie Mercury.

The 9-11 Links

Refuting the idiots, sorry the fucking idiots who think 9-11 was an inside job.
What one actor and former firefighter did on September 11.
How other actors also helped out.
In the aftermath of 9-11 what remains to be done.
The plan of two F-16 pilots who were sent up to intercept flight 93: a kamikaze mission.
The final funeral for the passengers of flight 93.
Lastly, welcome to Texas unless you’re from al-Jazeera.

Fact checking the Republican debate.
Lest you think the Republicans are a big happy family, they’ve already begun their war of words against each other.
Despite the cheers for it, did Rick Perry execute an innocent man? Probably.
Don’t blame the Tea Party for all of this. A blue-dog Democrat points out who really destroyed bipartisanship.

A better idea. What Astrophysicist and Nova:Science Now host Neil deGrasse Tyson would do if he were president. Not be president.

What the government doesn’t seem to get:
Exxon is betting on global warming being real while funding denialists.
Partisan cock-blocking is probably to blame for the feelings of fear.
Some of the rich do feel that they should pay more taxes.

DIY Libyan style. Mounting a U-38 rocket launcher on the back of your pick-up.
Speaking of Libya. Why shutting down social networks doesn’t stop rebels from communicating.

Headlines that lie to you:
man dies from toothache because he lacks medical insurance. He chose to buy pain pills over buying anti-biotics.
Why netflix may be on your side. They aren’t. They are on the side of their shareholders and that is all.
Not a lie but definitely exaggerated. Using media to forecast global unrest and find bin Laden, well after the fact anyway.

Recent deaths that you didn’t know affected you and the world you live in.
Founder of Project Gutenberg and e-book creator dies at age 64.
Bill Kunkel, writer of the first magazine column about video games, dies at age 61.

Things to make and do:
Make a flashlight from cereal boxes and aluminum cans.
Make a duel camera tripod.
Obsolete skills that show how old you are.
How to boost your self-confidence by making a list of your failings.

Finally, the pictures of the week

Death Sta… sorry lunar eclipse.

Dragon con cosplay Day One, Day Two, Day Three.

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