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Links of the Week for September 3, 2011

Music you should give a listen to
For the country fans we have anime voice over actor and Godhead frontman Jason Charles Miller. Check out his cover of Pat Benetar’s “Love is a Battlefield.”

Far be it from me to not pimp my buddy Trent and his hard rocking band Hemi even if their lead singer is a soul patch wearing hippy.

And finally The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. You may have heard there song “Around the Bend” in an iPod commercial but don’t hold that against them.

The joy of test driving a BMW S1000RR motorcycle is in not getting run over.

Dress up your pool table light and your pool table as well.

Another foot washes up on the shores of Vancouver BC bringing the total to 11 to found along the BC/Washington coastline in the last four years.

Humanity is doomed by its own anger.

Here’s something cool for your Halloween party or goth bar.

Denny’s new 895 calorie heart attack sandwich debuts

How to tell an area is recovering from a natural disaster? Check the Waffle House Index.

Denny’s ups its own ante with the 1690 calorie heart attack sandwich. No, it doesn’t come with free angioplasty.

Nature attacks the Eiffel Tower.

Bad ass of the week: The Bear Puncher.

Maybe humanity isn’t doomed.

The definition of a good month in Iraq.

Live action Captain Planet? Yeah, I’d watch that

How to shit on the fans who made you a millionaire.

What George Lucas is a hypocrite.

Michigan governor: Fuck the poor and unemployed.

Is it anti-science or saying whatever it takes to get elected?

The History Channel lying to the public just for the ratings.

Idiot on vacation

Rebels to idiot: Go the fuck home!

I see your true colors shining through, and they are pretty awesome.

Basic math: If people are worried about lay-offs they aren’t going to buy luxury items to help grow the economy.

Devotion to duty

Follow up: A new home

What you should know about time: You get what everyone gets, you get a lifetime.

Countdown to Netflix streaming failing in 3, 2, 1.

Here. Go learn something.

Fine. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, but let me be a bigot.

A reasonable fear for Dick Cheney.

Barack Obama proving he can cave with the best of them.

If you only check out one link, make it this one. A new way to let the White House know what’s important to you.

Tolerant cat is tolerant.

A cosmic perspective of everywhere mankind has set foot.

The London Philharmonic Orchestra finds new classical music to play.

How to stand behind your product.

Proper reporting of sexual assaults is key. Idiotic comments are expected.

Donald Duck lied to you.

Endangered or Threatened? The only species that is both.

Bad Science idea of the day: Capture an asteroid.

Women don’t know science. Do they?

Where do all those damn cat videos come from? Now you know.

Some stop-motion retro cartoon fun.

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